Posted: May 13th, 2021


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The second writing assignment in our class is a technical description.   This discussion topic is designed to help prepare you for the technical description assignment.  Please note that you will be submitting writing assignment #1, the set of instructions, this week.  Nonetheless, this discussion topic gets us started in discussing writing assignment #2.  
Please read the sample technical description of the zone read, written by Gary, a former student in WRTG 393.  It is linked to in Content for week 2.
Then answer the following questions:

Gary’s technical description is written to an audience that is not very familiar with football. In what ways does Gary accommodate this audience?  Please refer to at least two examples of text in his paper to give evidence for your answer.
Gary created his own graphics for his technical description. Are his graphics effective?  Why or why not?  Write a 2-3 sentences in answering this question.
If Gary were to write this technical description to an audience that watches football every weekend, how might he have adjusted the description?  Please write 2-3 sentences in answering this question.
Gary uses some fairly informal language in this description.  Give one example of a sentence in which he uses informal language.  Then revise the sentence you have chosen so that it is more formal.

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