Posted: June 17th, 2021

NCLEX REVIEW for nursing students

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You are a nursing educator and you are given an assignment to teach a RN/LPN NCLEX review course.
Please develop a complete review course power point presentation with detail speaker notes that will be used to teach the review in its entirely.  You want student to pass the nclex exam on the first try. please rearrange order and at to it as you deem fit if I left out some thing (please insert pictures and diagram to enhance lecture)  Please be very creative and colorful (Presentation to be shown to a large audience.  Please be very detail but highlighting the most important detail.
The power points must include elements as follow:
1.  nclex question types
2.  steps of question analysis
3.  critical thinking and rewording
4.  how to dissect nclex question
5.  what are considered hig level questions
6.  deciding what is important
7.  looking for patterns and relationships
8.  identifying the problem
9.  transferring knowledge from one situation to another
10.  applying knowledge
11.  discriminating between possible choices and/or course of action
12.  evaluating according to criteria established
13.  eliminating incorrect answer choices
14.  strategies for alternate formate question:  select all that apply
15.  solving alternate formate questions:  select all that apply.  
16.  prioritization
17.  delegation
18.  safety and infection control
19. maslow’s hierarchy of needs
20.  how to approach psychosocial condition question
21.  how to answer psych questions
22.  how to identify psych diagnosis and nursing care of the psychiatric patient
how to answer health promotion and maintenance question  
23.  tips on how to pass nclex exam
24.  hot spot questions and how to solve them
25.  fill in blank question and how to solve them and select all that apply
drag and drop question and how to solve them
26.  tips on how to analyze a question
INFORMATION ON THE FOLLOWING(with nursing most important intervention and things to watch for/ complication problems up each system)
Care of the pediatric patient 
Care of OB (maternity) patient
Care of a pre-op patient
Care of a patient post op
Care of a respiratory patient
Care of a cardiac patient
Care of a gastro/intestinal patient 
Care of caner patient
Care of urinary system patient
endoceine system
nutritional problem
chronic neurological problems
intracranial problems
muscle skeletal problems
emergency, terrorism and disaster nursing
fluid and electrolytes
the different in IV solution
Administering Blood
Conscious sedation
Reproductive system
nutrition for a newborn
drug calculation
Immunization when due and side effect
Kidney disorders and care of a renal patient with labs
Diabetes management
spinal cord injury
musculoskeletal problem
alzheimer’s disease
ABG interpetation
drug calculation
oxygen supplement and delivery system
integumentary system
hematologic system hypertension
heart failure
vascular disorders
hiv infection and transmission
diagnostic test and imagingProblem of the intestine / colon 
colostomy care
orthopedic surgery
Cast care
types of insulin
as cities
chronic illness and older adult
suicide prevention
taking a health history and doing a physical examination
chest tube
blood type
carcinogenic shock
Asthma, dx condition care of, (pediatric and adult) with treatment
(this is a 16 hour lecture YOU CAN REARRANGE THE ORDER OF CONTENT)

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