Naturalistic Observation

Naturalistic observation happens when they are studied naturally, which means the observer cannot control the conditions. The structured observations are set up to provoke certain behaviors of interest. These most of the time are not normal behaviors for the children who are being observed.
The benefits of using naturalistic observation is the fact that there are no factors that are making the child act different. This could limit though the responses that you get from the child because they don’t know what you are doing, and they may make themselves act a little different because they are being observed. I believe that using naturalistic observation is a good way because you can see naturally how the child is and what they do without any directions or orders.
The benefits of using structured observations are you asking the children questions or giving them tasks and kind of being prepared for what they may do. This helps you compare data of children of the same age on what they would do. Structured observation This method had limits because the children aren’t acting as they would naturally, yes, they have the freedom to answer the questions to their desire or perform the task as they wish, but that isn’t how the child is naturally. This type of observation is kind of controlled observation, which could make the child feel more nervous than just getting observed.

The observation style that I agree with is the naturalistic observation. I say this because you get to see how the child is naturally, without any limitations. This could help you compare the acts of children with disabilities versus the children without disabilities. Using naturalistic observation, it allows you to see the true actions and emotions of the child because you don’t have any restraints or objectives of the observation.

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Naturalistic Observation
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