Posted: June 5th, 2021

My Special Someone

In every story of life and love, there is always something new to discover and moments to treasure forever. Even is life is painful and full of suffering, there is always one thing that would give us the courage to stand and face all the consequences of living – love. Life is a never-ending journey. We tend to find someone that we thought that would last a lifetime but sometimes, we became too blind of loving to the extent of giving everything without anything in return that leave a result of being a martyr. However, in spite of the hardships that we have felt, we still fall in love again and hope that the next time we fall, our heart our fly along with our love and not fall in the ocean leaving us wounded alone.
Personally, I can say that falling in love is the greatest feeling on earth. Despite of all the problems that occur in our path, it will always be fine because we knew that there is light through the eyes of our special someone. I believe this perspective because I presently feel the same way. After all, I knew that I have found the one for me and I am truly blessed to have this woman by my side and prayed that she will stay with me for the rest of my life. Because of the real feelings that I have for her, I want to share my special someone named Shabnam.
Shabnam is a very fine, loving and caring person. She is 25% Spanish, 25% Filipino, and 50% Indian. Shabnam has a different life-story, which we only often see in the movie or television. Shabnam’s father is Indian while her mother is Spanish. Her father knew her mother in Spain where they fall in love. Their love with one another produced a child, which is Shabnam. While her mother was pregnant, her father and her mother went to India. When her father and mother got there, Shabnam’s mother found out that her father was already married to another woman who is also pregnant during those times.

Aside from this, the family of Shabnam’s father does not want Shabnam’s mother because she is Spanish. Eventhough this was the case, Shabnam’s mother accepts the situation and still pursues the birth of Shabnam but her mother and father separated. Shabnam’s stepmother born her stepbrother named Vishal. Her father brought Vishal to San Jose, California, USA. Ew years later, Shabnam’s mother died due to cancer. After her mother died, she had to live with her father but despite her father exist, she still seeks for a mother figure that would guide and take care of her. She really wanted to have a mother that is why she went to India to ask her stepmother to go to the USA to bring back the family together.
Through this story, I realized that she is not selfish because even if she wanted to have a mother, she did not search for anything else but her stepmother whom she asked to bring the family back, which is the original family. Through this personality of Shabnam, it really brought me to the fact of loving and taking care of her. She deserves to be loved because she does not have any anger and selfishness even if she was lack of love and concern coming from a mother. I was amazed and I admired her eagerness and concern of bringing back the family again after a long time.     Shabnam’s story can be a realization to other children who build hatred towards their parents because of their parent’s illegitimate relationship. However, despite of this situation of Shabnam, I love and will always love her as best as I could.
I started admiring Shabnam because of her smile and expressive eyes. I did not even think that she had a special family situation because she seemed to be happy always. Having a special relationship with Shabnam is amazing because she is very caring and humble. I guess despite of her family background, she remains humble and generous for it is the only way of showing her love to other people that should be for her mother.
She is a Libra and I am a Gemini. Based on the astrology, Libra and Gemini are compatible with one another. Maybe, we were meant for each other because even the astrology says that we have both found one another – I to her and her to me. We have also so many things in common; it is because we both have an Indian blood and though she has different blood aside from Indian blood, she was raised as an Indian because she lives in his father.
My present relationship with Shabnam is great. We are having moments that I treasure inside my heart. I am always happy when we were together. She make me laugh, she make my heartbeats fast, she teach me to be understanding because she understand the deeper perspective of life even if it is very hard and problematic.
Having an extraordinary feeling of great love and happiness, I used to think if getting married. I want to marry Shabnam because she is the one I am looking for. I know that not everything may seem to be perfect but despite of it all, I want to be with her for the rest of my life. Maybe people will think that I am too frustrated and too much rushing of getting married but logically, a person do not want to miss the opportunity of having someone he/she is looking for a long time. At may age, I know what I want and I know what I feel. I am sure with this next phase of my life in case she will accept my love. Now, I do not want to lose Shabnam for she is very special to me that I never felt before.
When I am alone, I used to think of my future with my Shabnam. I think of our future life, which I know will be wonderful and unbeatable. I think of our future children that Shabnam and I will love and nurture. I think of our never-ending happiness even if we are already old. I also think of Shabnam while being with me – I will make her happy and contented in life. I will not leave Shabnam as long as I breathe and live.
Writing this paper makes me express my love, joy and admiration to Shabnam. She opened my eyes to different perceptions of living in this kind of world. I used to live as it is before having my own world and ignoring many things but when I met Shabnam, things have change and made me become a better person that is why I love Shabnam everyday because she was not just a beautiful person outside but also inside. Today, we are having a great time together, keeping the fire burning in our hearts with love, faithfulness, and loyalty with one another. She may not tell that she do not want to be like her mother but I know she does so I will took care of her and love her as my one and only in this whole wide world.
While writing this paper, I also created a simple poem for Shabnam that shows my love and admiration to her. I want to give her this poem as a sign of my love to her that will not fade until the day I die because I love her so much.
I have searched for you,
A long, long time ago.
I thought I would never ever met,
Someone who is like you.
Now you’re here with me,
And hope will always be.
The one I admire before,
Today, tomorrow and forevermore.
You make my heart sing,
You make my life ring.
You bring sunlight in the sky,
You bring colors in the dark.
I want to be with you,
I want to love you.
I want to marry you;
So please answer, I do.
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