Posted: July 6th, 2021

My Nephew Vinnie

My nephew Vinnie is someone special who is a very important little person in my life. He is the oldest child of my older brother’s four children and was the first kid to make me an uncle. I can remember when he was born it made me so excited about being a first time uncle. He is pushing eight years old and is a very well mannered boy. There are times where I’ve helped him with school, gave him advice, or just listened to him cry when no one else would.
He always helps me by cheering me up when I’m not in the greatest mood. He is super talented and has a ton of skill and potential. When he’s not taking care of his three wild younger siblings he is winning baseball championships, playing video games, riding his dirt bike, practicing karate, or studying for school. In many ways Vinnie has inspired me to be a better person and reminds me to sometimes look at things from a different perspective.
Vinnie is fearless, athletic, honest, smart, goodhearted, dependable, and one of the coolest kids I’ve ever met. He is such an adorable kid with his dad’s big blue eyes and his mom’s dark hair. Vinnie has no problem talking to girls and is far from being a shy guy. I have seen him at school around the other kids and he is always being chased around by the young girls.

For his age he is really strong and a little bit bigger than the other kids his age. He makes friends easily and is always spending time with them running around the neighborhood and playing at the school across the street. Whenever I go to surprise visit him he excitedly jumps in my arms and says “Uncle Mike!”. He really loves when I come to his house in Crystal Lake to visit.
I’m proud of him because he is always winning his little league games and getting awarded the MVP for his team. I’ve been to all of his games and I love to watch him play along with the rest of my family. He is a leader among his teammates and always has a gleaming positive attitude motivating them to do better. For a little eight year old surprisingly he already knows what he wants to be when he grows up.
He wants to be a shark studying marine biologist, and he is fascinated with big fish and watching documentaries on catching them. He is very competitive in any and everything that he does. His colorful personality is very loud and in your face, because he always wants to win and impress the people around him. I’m always impressed by the things he does and he makes me happy whenever we hang out together.

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My Nephew Vinnie
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