Posted: June 20th, 2021

Music Appreciation

 Watch a LIVE classical concert regarding one of the following
1. Orchestra performance (must be at least high school level)
2. Concert band performance (not rock, jazz, marching band, etc.) (must be at least high school level)
3. Opera
4.  Musical play (not a ballet, or just a play that has background music or a few songs in it) (must be at least high school level)
5. Choir concert (must be at least high school level)
6. Solo recital (like a violin concert or piano, or opera singer) (must be at least high school level)

Answer the following Questions for a Concert that is at least TWENTY MINUTES LONG.
Please number your answers to each question. Do not write this report as one large essay.
1.  Title of the Concert. _____________________________________________
2.  Name of the performing group. ____________________________________________________
3. What individual musical elements do you hear? (What are the Dynamics? What tempos are used?Which instruments are in this concert? What tone color, syncopation, etc). 
4.  Are there any instruments?  If so, which ones stand out, especially in their contributions to the overall performance?
5.  Are there singers?  How would you describe the tone color of the voices?  (For example: scratchy, pure, rich, breathy, etc.)
6. Which elements change and in what way do they change? (you will need to discuss how the dynamics change – Loud to soft, etc.  How does the tempo change – slow to fast?  Does the texture change?  Does the harmony change?  Discussion of how the “mood” or “feelings of calm/excitement” change is not to right kind of answer to this question.
7.  Pick one of the songs or pieces from the concert.  How did the music express the words or emotion through its melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, and accompaniment?

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