multiculturalism essay

 you will need to read those page’s from the book mentioned and answer the questions below you need to write it from the prospective of a male middle Easter Muslim student .i need it before 9 am on Monday the book is free in audio so you can Liston to it  or if it happen that you have it that would be great 

 Love, InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women  (Intro-pg 78 AND pgs 129-187) 

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multiculturalism essay
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Please answer the following questions in a five-page paper.

1. What did you know about Islam before reading these stories? What have you learned about it from reading these stories? How is it similar or different to your own faith tradition? Do you have any personal experiences of Islam or Muslim friends or family members?
2. Consider our discussions about Intersectionality. Where and how do religion and gender intersect for these women? How might this be different if they were Christians in the US?
3. Which story did you most identify with? Which was the most foreign?
4. What’s the benefit of learning about Islam from women who practice it?


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