Posted: June 25th, 2021

Motvating Employees 200-250 WORDS

Some  motivational speakers are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to  speak to stadium-sized crowds. People buy books, listen to podcasts, and  attend seminars—all in the hope of finding the motivation to accomplish  their goals or make their dreams come true. Without question, people  want to be motivated! However, there is probably a difference between a  celebrity speaker stirring up a crowd and someone who can genuinely  motivate others to reach their goals. Motivational speaker Tony Robbins  recently got into some trouble when sixty people were injured while  trying to walk barefoot across a bed of hot coals after attending one of  his presentations ( Was that motivation? You decide.
True  motivation sets a person on a path that he or she can continue to  travel even after the individual who lit the spark is gone. These are  the motivating people we want to identify and talk about here.
For  the purpose of discussion, choose an individual known for providing  motivation to others. This person can be alive or deceased, from  business, politics, or society at large. You’ll need to select someone  you can research and provide proof of that research to your classmates  and instructor.
For Discussion

Tell your classmates whom you selected and why.
Provide an example (supported by research) of a time when this individual served as a motivator for others.
Based  on the material you studied in this module, the experience of being  motivated yourself, and your experience motivating others, what is it  about this person that you believe made or makes them a motivator. Do  they motivate YOU? Why?

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Motvating Employees 200-250 WORDS
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