Motivation Strategies Followed by Domino Pizza

To provide recognition to an employee, it is really important to let him know what he is capable of. In Dominos Pizza, this is done by sending trained staff member for a further development course such as MDP(Management Development Program ), AMC, Effective supervision etc. (This point can be related to Aderfer’s Theory and can be categorized under growth needs. He has mentioned in his theory that this category is grounded in the need for people to develop their potential and it is obvious that Training courses develop potential of the individuals to a large extent).
Team spirit is an important factor to make the environment of the workplace enjoyable. We observed a tremendous team spirit in the staff of Dominos Pizza. (This strategy is clearly related to Mayo’s Theory as he has concluded that working in groups or teams plays a significant role in Motivation of workers). The manager/franchisee keep on organizing social events out of shop for the team members such as visit to a school and distributing pizzas there for free or even a nice football match.
This helps to improve the team spirit and also the team work. It makes the job more enjoyable. Competitions really play a vital role in improving team spirit. As we were observing their strategies of motivation we also came to know about different types of competitions happening in the shop. For example: Fastest Pizza Maker, Quickest delivery driver, Most up seller etc. The employees were really having fun but at the same time this was improving their working skills as well.

During our research, one day we went to the shop when the business was really busy. Phones were ringing one after the other, the rush of the carryout customers came as well, and everyone was hustling here and there. But we were really amazed to see how the manager of the store reacted to the situation. He kept on praising the whole team by saying” You are really doing a good job, keep it up”. This motivated them as the team spirit improved gradually. We have discussed before about Taylor’s theory of motivation.
In his theory he has put forward an idea of breaking down production into small tasks by the manager. After the appropriate training and tools are provided so the workers can work efficiently on one set task, they are then paid according to the number of items they produce in a set period of time which is known as ‘piece rate pay’. Dominos has got workers for different tasks such as marketing staff, pizza makers and delivery drivers etc. and they follow this theory as well.
While we were researching on their motivation strategies, we came to know about a couple of concepts used by the Manager there which are recommended by the company and are quite unique as well. Well, according to MASLOW’S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS theory, one of the main hierarchies is ESTEEM NEEDS from the employee’s perspective. Surprisingly we came to know that Dominos also stresses upon this thing and they achieve this by praising an individual. Well, we have already discussed before how they praise their people but it was quite interesting to see how the Company describes the word PRAISE.

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Motivation Strategies Followed by Domino Pizza
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