Posted: June 25th, 2021

Motivating and Rewarding Employee Performance

Motivating and Rewarding Employee Performance *Mars Model A model that outlines the four factors that influence an employee’s voluntary behavior and resulting preformance. The motivation,ability,role perceptions and situational factors. *Motivation The forces within a person that affects his or her direction,intensity,and persistence of voluntary behavior. *Ability Consists of both the natural aptitudes and learned capabilities required to succesfully complete a task. Role Perceptions Employees who feel engaged in their jobs not only have the necessary motivation and competencies to perform their work but also understand the specific tasks assigned to them. *Situational Factors Include conditions beyond the employees immediate control that constrain or facilitate his or her behavior and performances. Motivating Employee: A Three-Part Process Part 1: Managing Motivation through Drives and Needs *Drives Instinctive tendencies to seek particular goals or maintain internal stability. Needs Mostly conscious deficiencies that energize or trigger behaviors to satisfy your needs. *Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy Theory A motivation theory of needs arranged in a hierarchy,whereby people are motivated to fulfill a higher need as a lower one becomes gratified. Four-Drive Theory A motivation theory based on the innate drives to acquire,bond,learn and defend that incorporates both emotions and rationality. *Drive to Acquire This is to seek,take,control and retain o bjects and personal experiences. Drive to Bond This is to drive to form social relationship and develop mutual caring and commitments w/ others. *Drive to Learn This is to drive to satisfy our curiosity,to know and understand ourselves and the environment around us. *Drive to Defend This drive creates a “fight-or-flight” response in the face of personal danger. Part 2: Managing Motivation through Goals,Expectations and Feedback *Goal Setting and Feedback The process of motivating employees and clarifying their role perceptions by establishing performance objectives. Prepared by:Harieth Velasco

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Motivating and Rewarding Employee Performance
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