Posted: June 20th, 2021

Moore Medical Corporation

Q1.  Today people start new business ventures with different expectations than it was to be in the past.  As many techniques, ways and means of dealing with customers have also changed.  The new technology to many people has brought a lot of significant changes in the global business environment.  All the business sectors including private and government sectors are currently doing reengineering on how businesses are operated.  This is happening because of the new information and communication technologies.  Different companies are coming up with various types of new information system.  .
For the case of Moore Medical co-operation the customer relationship management software may be purchased to meet its objectives.  What is important for the success of any organization is whether its objectives are met in the long run.  The problem Moore is facing is to find a new technology to service its customers better, to generate new business and to give employees the tools to handle a growing number of customer communications, more efficiently and effectively.
I therefore suggest that the customer relations management software (CRM) or technology will ensure that customers are served well.  Production will never be high if customers are not served well or attracted.  The way customers are handled will determine the success of the business. The CRM technology will therefore improve customer interaction consistence between the economy and its customers.

Q2.  Most companies have failed to realize the finical benefits because of poor financial evaluation of what is being purchased.  Financial evaluation comprise of knowing the value of what is being purchased.  Disappointing results have been gotten because the cost of installing most of the new technologies are highly than the benefits that it will create at the end of the financial year.
Financial benefits of any item can be evaluated. For example Moore medical cooperation can assess its financial benefits of the proposed technology.  One way is by analyzing the number of customers that are making orders using the new technology.  If the number of customers using the new technology is high then the new technology introduced is favorable to the company.  Another way through which the financial benefits can be assed is by comparing the installation cost, training cost, implementation cost with the sales that is obtained from the use of the new technology.
It is obvious that implementation of the software’s will need some money.  Those who will be at the customer service department will also be trained.  So any cost associated with the introduction of the new system should be recorded down then compared with the sales obtained after the new system has been put into place.  This will determine if the company will be making profits or losses as a result of introducing the new technology.
Q3.The success of any business or organization will depend on it quality of customer service skills employees working in customer service department possess.  Moore Medical Corporation has not been left behind.  The company is considering purchasing customer relationship management software with an objective of improving the ways of responding to customer desires.
The CRM software will ensue that customer orders are not delayed.  The new technology (CRM) to Moore would increase or attract more customers and even maintain and keep the already existing ones. The number of customers a company serves normally determines the sales that the company will get.  Production rate would also increase by fixing the new technology in the system
The new information and communication technology has changed the way businesses are done in the business environment.  Customers nowadays want maximum satisfaction from the company managers and front-line employees serving them.  Without new IT there is nothing that can be improved in any organization.  Performance and quality of products in any organization will only increase if the use of new information technology is implemented.  Goods will be delivered in time, customers will be served effectively and efficiently ensuring that they are fully satisfied.  New business and products have also been created in the environment as a result of the introduction of the new technology.
Among the business needs Moore is hoping to address with this new information technology include the following.  They want to improve sales forecasting.  They also want to reduce the number of sales representatives and reduce time to attend to customers.  The new information will also increase the accuracy and accessibility of the information obtained from customers.  The other business needs that will be addressed by the new technology are to increase rep effectiveness and efficiency and finally to increase the customer interaction consistency among all representatives by increasing company control and manner of customer interaction.
Q4.Training is one of the most business practices that any company should do whenever any new technology is introduced in a company.  All organization members need training to acquire new skills and knowledge for the production to be increased and effective. Training should provide essential information on the department / program. If the company uses new technology, the supervisor of that particular company needs to train the employees on how to use the software introduced.
For the case of Moore medical cooperation, training its customer’s service representation on how to use the information technology that is the customer relations management software was ignored.  For example it was realized that the customers service representative found the order entry system in J.D. Edwards difficult to use in comparison to their old system.  The new account set up process within J.D Edwards also added time to customer calls.  It therefore means that customer needs and interest would be lowered.  When the way they are served is sluggish then there is a possibility that the company may lose them.
Effective communication is another area where the Moore Company has failed to adopt.  Actually when changes are created in an organization, the management or human resource manager should ensure that the change is communicated to all the groups served by the organization (Satzinger, 2004).
Effective communication is one of the key issues that the organization should know about its customers.  All members in any organization including employees, customers and suppliers have different cultural background.  The Moore should therefore consider the customers’ practices, likes, interest, belief and values.  After considering all these elements of culture the organization will then be in a position of making a good decision whether the new technology will work or fail.  In short the Moore manager should know about the cultural background of its customers to identify whether they will like the new technology created (Satzinger, 2004).
Q5.The use of the new information and communication technology has created numerous changes in the global market and in companies dealing in electronic commerce.  New businesses have been created in the environment while old ones have been transformed. New business models have been formed that would that would have been unthinkable for years back.  However there are advantages and disadvantages that have resulted from the introduction of computer software.
Moore move into E-commerce with an intention of improving customer service might result into same advantages and disadvantages.  For first the advantages are numerous.  If properly implemented the new system will automatically serve its customers better.  By improving customer Service, it means that the sales and production will also increase.
Production in any organization will be determined by the number of customers it serves.  If more customers are attracted then it means that the profit or the financial benefits that the company wants to achieve will also be high.  The CRM software will therefore help Moore cooperation to realize high financial benefits. Service delivery by increasing the number of orders taken from customers will also increase
While the advantages are visible, there are some negative outcomes that Moore might get by moving into E-commerce.  Culture of the customers might actually influence and determine whether the new system will be successful or not.  Some customer may refuse to make orders using the new system introduced in the organization.  This may lead to the failure of the system leading to a big loss to the company.  When customers refuse to use the new system then they will be lost leading to decreased sales.
Customers might refuse to use the new system just may be because they are no informed in time or poor communication.  They may also just refuse due to differences in cultural background.  Therefore this is an important factor that might lead to the failure of the new system. The cost of implementation may also be too high for the company to realize the financial benefits it wants to meet.  It might decide to use the new system without financial evaluation, which is very important.  This may also lead to the failure of the company.
Sat Zinger, J. (2004). Systems analysis and Design in a changing world.  London: Thompson publishers.

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