Go to You Tube and watch ML King’s two speeches, “I Have Been to the Mountaintop” and “I have a Dream.” Evaluate critically how Dr. King weaves his speech around central concepts of justice and freedom. What words does he repeat to emphasize these concepts in each speech? Focus as well on his tone, inflection, dress, figures of speech and any other characteristic of the speeches. Please also discuss the body language or any other tactic and very important–the rhetorical strategies–ethos, logos, and pathos– that  Rev. King used to get his message apart. 
Then look at Robert F. Kennedy’s speech on the occasion of Dr. King’s assassination. What tactics did Kennedy use to calm people down when it was clear that the evening would not be just a campaign speech by him but also an important tribute to a fallen leader? How did the use of poetry help him make his point? What special words or phrases did he use to make his points come alive?
This should be one unified, typed essay in 1 and 1/2-2 pages. 

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