Posted: June 3rd, 2021

Mla format argument essay

The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to write a position paper that defends your 
position on a controversial issue.  Your introduction should present your issue, provide 
background, and state the claim you intend to support.  According to your text, “[A] claim is, in 
fact, a statement of opinion that then must be argued. In argument essays, your thesis states a 
clear position or claim, and the body of the essay provides ample support to convince your 
reader of your position” (Green and Lawlor Chapter 12).  In constructing your claim, strive to 
develop audience-based reasons. The body of your argument should summarize and respond 
to opposing views as well as present reasons and evidence in support of your own position. You
will need to use at least 4-5 outside sources to supplement the evidence (logos) you may have 
in order to create a positive ethos (credibility).  
Students should be able to:
To take a stand on an issue
Offer reasons and evidence in support of a controversial position of a particular issue.
Summarize and respond to alternative views
Use MLA documentation practices to document research evidence that they have 
integrated into their arguments.
Use the components of the Classical Approach to argument as studied in class.

4-5 pages minimum (not including the Works Cited page)
MLA Format and Documentation are IMPERATIVE

1” margins—top, bottom, left and right; left justified

Name block includes your name, instructor’s name the class/CRN [ENG 1102-12345] 
and the date

Header should be ½” from the top right margin and should include your last name and 
page number

The entire document should be double-spaced and in 12-point, Times New Roman font

Works Cited page

In-text citation documenting quoted and summarized research references [logos] 
of your topic.
Your paper will be assessed on the quality of the following


Clear development of ideas [your viewpoints and opposing viewpoints of the argument]


Usage and punctuation

MLA Format 

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