mitigation part 3

Assignment: Final Project: Mitigation Plan, Part 3
So far with your Final Project, you have selected a specific digital technology topic and you have determined a specific developmental age group and relevant diversity factors. You have discussed the strengths and the weaknesses with regard to the impact of digital technology on the developmental age group.
For this week, you will begin your work in Part 3 of your Final Project: Mitigation Plan and continue your work in this part through Week 8. For Part 3, you begin developing strategies for resolving some of the problems brought on by the impact of digital technology on your selected age group.
To Prepare for this Part 3 of your Final Project Assignment:

Search the Internet and the Walden library for articles related to digital technology and strategies to address the topic problem you selected.
Consider how these strategies might bring about positive social change for the group you selected.

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mitigation part 3
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For this Final Project: Mitigation Plan, Part 3 Assignment:
Write a 2- to 3-page paper (not including title page and references) in which you

Develop 2-3 strategies for mitigation and explain how each strategy might support mitigation of the topic problem. Describe how digital technology is relevant to your mitigation strategies. Use your research to support your explanation.
Explain how the strategies might bring about positive social change.

Use your Learning Resources and the articles you found in your search to support your findings. Use proper APA format and citations.
please use document as reference for assignment


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