Posted: July 6th, 2021

Microsoft Office – Its uses and the tools I like

Microsoft office includes many tools but the ones I will focus today are parts of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.
Excel is a database application that helps crunch numbers and this is an application that will help me immensely in my career. The tool in this application I want to use in my professional life is VLOOKUP. Most organizations have lots of information, but finding that information is always a challenge, an even greater challenge is to compile this information into one single database. This is where VLOOKUP comes in.
An example would be to assess the attendance of the whole organization. The sales team will have the employees filed by employee codes while the operations team might have the employees filed by attendance codes. If one has to find the leaves for employees from both these departments, we need to ask that information from the Human Resources department.

They usually have all the codes for the employees and we can then use VLOOKUP to find out the employee code and the attendance code for each employee in the company. VLOOKUP matches a value in sheet 1 to that value in sheet 2 and gives a corresponding value in that row – all this can be set up. This function is especially useful to compile data – remember you always need to compile data before you analyze it and reach conclusions.
The next tool I would like to use it transitions in PowerPoint, this is mainly for presentation purposes and I will use this tool to make cards, share pictures, movies etc of different events in my life. These could be the birthdays of children, vacations and other things, I have a couple of close friends and our family is close to one another, tools like transitions etc help make the experience of sharing pictures and movies fun and interesting.
I know there are a lot of other tools in Microsoft Office that can be used in our professional and personal life, but the ones I mentioned above are the ones that I feel are the most practical, easy to use and useful features.

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Microsoft Office – Its uses and the tools I like
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