Media Review

Al Gore’s environmental campaign is really becoming a very significant endeavor in this modern period. It is not only because of the fact that environmental degradation has really brought forth devastating effects in almost every parts of the world but also because of the idea that people all over the world have started to pay attention to the environmental problems.
Global warming has been the focus of Al Gore’s environmental campaign. He showed how such phenomenon could really lead to serious environmental problem such as the intense change in climate, melting of the ice caps of the Polar Regions, health hazards to people due to intense heat, the ozone depletion, and many other environmental issues (Gore).
According to Al Gore, that which could only lessen the effects of such global warming, if not really prevent them, is by being aware and having concern about environmental problems. Being aware, as he stressed out, is not enough. But being involved and participating in environmental check-ups and environmental preservation and protection are the most effective ways in solving the problems in the environment (Gore).

Though Al Gore is becoming a political figure – which means that his endeavor in making the people realize the importance of caring for the environment can be seen by others as a form of political strategy to get the trust of the public, he becomes very firm on saying that his campaign has nothing to do with politics or something about it. He argues that even if he is not a public official or even if he is not holding any public office, he can still help the American government in treating the problems in the environment.
Like what he said, everyone and anyone can do something about the environmental problems that are being experienced in this period. One need not have any political power to do it. Saving the world from the detrimental effects of environmental problems such as global warming can really be solved by having knowledge about and concern for the environment.
Work Cited:
Gore, Al. An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming . Viking Juvenile , 2007.

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Media Review
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