Math quiz

GIF Emma is creating gift baskets with scented soaps and bottles of bubble bath. She has 15 scented soaps and 6 bottles of bubble bath. If she wants all the gift baskets identical without any items left over, what is the greatest number of gift baskets Emma can make? In preparation for a party, Dante is putting desserts onto platters. The chocolate cake is cut into 8 pieces and the cheesecake is cut into 16 pieces. If he wants to prepare identical platters without having any cake left over, what is the retreat number of platters he can prepare?
LLC Alice and Christina are studying a set of new words for Spanish class. Alice decides to break the set into lists of 17 words. Meanwhile, Christina creates lists of 6 words. What is the smallest number of words there could be? Danny and Karakul are fishermen who, by coincidence, caught the same number of fish this week. Danny caught fish in nets that hold 12 fish, while Karakul caught fish in nets that hold 8 fish. What is the minimum number of fish each must have caught?
Mug He’s Bath Shop sells bars of soap in boxes of 16 bars and bottles of soap in boxes of 19 bottles. An employee is surprised to discover that the shop sold the same number of bars and bottles last week. What is the smallest number of each type of soap that the shop could have sold? Race to simplify fractions in this fast-paced game! All you need to play is a deck of cards, paper and pencils. Shuffle the cards, and you’re ready to get started. Simplifying fractions is an essential skill for every math student in the fifth read or higher.

Students need continued practice with simplification in order to successfully add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. Play this game again and again and work towards mastering this important concept! What You Need: Deck of playing cards (with face cards removed) Even number of players Paper Pencils What You Do: 1. Create a fraction bar sheet by drawing a line across a piece of paper. 2. Set up the game so that the players face one another. For each pair of two players, you’ll need to rate a separate fraction game board. . Shuffle the deck of cards. 4. Distribute the deck evenly between two players. 5. Have the players place their decks face down in front of them. 6. To start playing the players should simultaneously turn over a card from their deck and place it on the fraction bar sheet. Each player should place one card above the fraction bar. The cards above the fraction bar represent the numerator. 7. Then the players should place one card below the fraction bar. The card below the bar represents the denominator. 8.
There should be a card above the bar and a card below the bar, giving you four cards total. 9. The first player to correctly simplify the fraction shown by the cards wins all four cards. If a tie results, split the cards evenly. 10. If the fraction can’t be simplified, each player should collect the card that the other player put down and position it at the bottom of his deck. 11. Play continues until one player has accumulated all of the cards. 12. Alternatively, you could set a time limit on the game. When time is up, the player with the most cards wins!

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Math quiz
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