Math homework #4

For Homework#4, please turn in the following problems:
Chapter 1.4
142* (*use SPSS to create a histogram and a Q-Q Plot of the data. Write a paragraph (or brief description) describing the histogram and write a separate paragraph describing the Q-Q Plot. In general, for both graphs you should describe if the data appear to come from a normal and justify. Be careful, you need to justify how you visually look at the separate graphs and come to your conclusions. These graphs will look very different and yet both will answer the same question about whether the data appear to come from a normal or not.)
Chapter 3.3
Supplement -1 (below)
Supplement -2 (below)
Make sure you check your answers to all of your homework once the solutions are posted. If you are having trouble with any concepts, please contact me and we can discuss it.
Supplemental Homework Problems:
Several large observational studies suggested that women who take hormones such as estrogen after menopause have a lower risk of a heart attack than women who do not take hormones. Hormone replacement became popular. But in 2002, several careful experiments showed that hormone replacement does not reduce heart attacks. The National Institutes of Health, after reviewing the evidence, concluded that the observational studies were wrong. Taking hormones after menopause quickly fell out of favor.
a) Explain the difference between an observational study and an experiment to compare women who do and don’t take hormones after menopause.
b) Suggest some characteristics of women who choose to take hormones that might affect the rate of heart attacks. In an observational study, these characteristics are confounded with taking
State whether each of the two boldfaced numbers is a parameter or a statistic.
A study of voting chose 663 registered voters at random shortly after an election. Of these, 72% said they had voted in the election. Election records show that only 56% of registered voters voted in the election.

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Math homework #4
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