Posted: June 19th, 2021

marketing unit 10 learning

Unit 10 Learning Activity Instructions
Capsim Core “Competition” Round 6 
In this Learning Activity, you will complete Round 6 of “Competition” in the Capsim Core simulation. Follow these steps in the Unit 10 Learning Activity Instructions to complete the “Competition” rounds. Complete the tasks and submit to the Unit 10 Learning Activity dropbox:
Step 1: Log into the Capsim Core simulation by clicking on the “” link on the “Course Resources” page. Click on the “MT460MCO Management Policy and Strategy- COMP” link.”. Complete Round 6 in the “Competition” version of the Capsim Core simulation. 
Step 2: Create a new PowerPoint presentation file with 5 slides, including a title slide.
Step 3: Execute Round 6 of “Competition” in the Capsim Core simulation. Upon completion, take a screenshot of the Proforma page of Round 6. Insert the screenshot onto slide 2 of the PowerPoint presentation. Click on the “Reports” link on the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the simulation page. Click on the “Report” link, and the “Capsim Core Round 5 report” will open in a new screen. On the upper right hand side of the screen, click on the “PDF Version” link. It will generate a .PDF file in your browser. Save the .PDF file to your computer.
Step 4. On slides 3 through 5 of your PowerPoint presentation, verbally discuss and debrief your management team on the performance figures from the Round 6 proforma and Capsim Core Competition Round 6 Reports. Elaborate on the successes and failures of each department in detail and give strategic direction to each department manager. 
Step 5. Declare yourself a winner or loser of the simulation game. Identify your strategic thinking strengths and weaknesses. 
Step 6. Submit your PowerPoint Presentation, the “Competition” Round 6 Capsim Core Report .PDF file to the Unit 10 Assignment 2 Dropbox.   

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