Posted: June 4th, 2021

Marketing of the Acquisition by EDUS

In this assignment, research information related to the  marketing and promotion of the acquisition by EDUS and provide an  assessment.  Review the attached EDUS case and consider the following:
Topics for Research and Analysis
Promotional Goals: Identify specific objectives  related to the promotion of EDUS’s acquisition of the institution. In  addition, identify specific objectives related to informing potential  students of new capabilities and offerings resulting from the  acquisition. (Promotional goals vary. Some organizations need to create  awareness of their product’s benefits compared to competitors. Other  promotional goals may involve communicating new uses for an item, or  informing customers or lower prices.)
Business Environment: Identify cultural and legal  factors that might influence promotional decisions – both in announcing  the acquisition within the region and recruiting new students to the  institution. (In some countries, certain information is required in  television commercials selling products aimed at children.)
Media Plan: Analyze media availability to determine  cost-efficient methods of communicating with potential students within  the country and within the geographic region. (While television, radio,  newspapers, magazines, and the Internet may be common in industrialized  countries, developing economies may require other different media. In  some countries, advertising messages are broadcast through large  speakers mounted on moving trucks.)
Promotional Strategy: Compare the benefits of  push-and-pull promotions for acquiring new students at the institution.  Devise a promotional strategy that will help EDUS expand the student  body and also inform potential students of increased capability of the  institution resulting from this acquisition.
Economic, Cultural, and Political-Legal Environment:  Investigate the economic, cultural, and political-legal environment  that might affect promotional messages and media relevant to this  acquisition.
Recommended Actions: Recommend EDUS actions related  to promotional goals, needed adaptations due to cultural or legal  factors, and a media plan. Provide evidence to support your  recommendations.
Conclusions: Draw conclusions about  the material you have presented. The opinions or judgments you present  should be supported by your research.
By the due date assigned, submit 5-7 APA pages (left justified) providing your  analysis and research findings on the topics indicated. You are expected  to include statistical data when possible, including tables, graphs,  and other visuals that support and enhance your study. Most importantly,  all written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for  attributing sources! 
     Discussion Grading     
Developed information on all required areas of inquiry as stated in the activity.     
Drew conclusions about promotional goals, business environments, and promotional strategies relevant to the acquisition of MCU.    
Wrote  in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical  scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources;  displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 

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