I want a 3 pages paper for a case analysis dicussing only two points below: 
there is the outline summery..

1- Overview of Industry and Market – This section provides an introduction and generic description of the industry and the general products that this industry produces. It is important to note that your industry may not be a main industry; it might be a sub-industry (e.g., steel manufacturing) within a main industry (metals and mining). 
In (1 page) 
– Describe the industry 
– Profile the size of the market.  What is the current and projected market demand? Is the market growing, declining or stable? 
 2- Market Attractiveness and Drivers for Change – Assessing market attractiveness requires that important macro environmental trends be identified and understood.  The macro environment can be divided into six major components:  demographic, sociocultural, economic, regulatory, technological, and natural arenas.  
(2 pages)  
– What trends are influencing demand in the market of interest, whether favorably or unfavorably?
(Note:  You do not need to describe all trends in each of the six categories; only the most relevant for your industry.) 
– Discuss how the relevant trends in the general environment impact market demand. 

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Writing guidlines:- Single spaced- Use APA style- written in 12 point


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