Posted: June 20th, 2021

make sure you do this

Part 1 (Practice Outline) Using the format we discussed in our Lessons this week, please create a practice outline. Since we are only practicing organization here, let’s keep the topic choices simple: your favorite (or least favorite) TV show or movie, your favorite (or least favorite) holiday, or another similar topic. If you prefer to choose your own topic, please Message me your idea for approval. See my example below. Essay Title: Ghost Adventures PARAGRAPH ONE Introduction Details: Open with various TV genres that I enjoy (examples: vintage TV shows, news, movie channels). My favorite genre is suspense, particularly the show Ghost Adventures. Thesis Statement:  Ghost Adventures is my favorite TV shows because of the investigators, the paranormal theme, and the locations they visit.  PARAGRAPH TWO Topic Sentence (with a transition word): First, I tune in to Ghost Adventures because I enjoy watching the investigators. Supporting Details: Discuss Zac, Nick, and Aaron (original members) Mention support staff and new members PARAGRAPH THREE Topic Sentence (with a transition word): Additionally, the paranormal theme of Ghost Adventures is intriguing.  Supporting Details:           Purpose of show is to prove that ghosts exist           High-tech equipment (examples)           Ghost sightings and audio evidence PARAGRAPH FOUR Topic Sentence (with a transition word): Finally, the crew of Ghost Adventures travels to many exciting locations. Supporting Details: Places: Hotels, old buildings, houses, etc. Specific cities: Salem, Los Angeles, Gettysburg PARAGRAPH FIVE Thesis restated in a slightly different way: For many reasons, Ghost Adventures is my favorite television show. Concluding Thoughts: Paranormal theme Investigators  Locations Looking forward to many more seasons Part 2 (Practice Outline) Now pick ONE paragraph from your outline and fully develop it. You may use first person, if you wish, but avoid second person (you). Do not use sources. Write five to eight well developed sentences and no less than 100 words. See below for an example. Below is my completed fourth paragraph. Finally, the crew of Ghost Adventures travels to many exciting locations. It is always so much fun to start an episode and find out what and where the crew will be investigating. For example, they investigate hotels, houses, prisons, hospitals, and basically any location that is rumored to be haunted. My personal favorite episode is when they investigate a house a few doors down from where some of the Manson murders occurred. Also, they are willing to travel all over the world and have been to cities such as Salem, Massachusetts; Los Angeles, California; Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; and to countries overseas, like England and Ireland. No matter where they go or what type of structure they investigate, every episode is sure to be exciting and full of ghostly adventures! *** Also, here are some tips for your student replies this week. Do you see three clear parts in your fellow student’s thesis statement? Can you identify them very easily? Did he/she use transition words in each topic sentence? Does any paragraph look underdeveloped? Have you seen the same TV show or movie? If so, maybe you can suggest some supporting details or examples if needed. (Aren’t you glad you have a legitimate excuse to watch TV this week?)   The grading rubric for this forum is attached below.

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