Macy’s Store

I want you to answer all questions on the attached word file.
What is this stores pricing policy? (Everyday Low Pricing. High/Low Pricing etc.)
What other practices do they use to compete with price? (Coupons, Rebates, Price Bundling)
Does this retailer use the cost-oriented method of pricing or demand-oriented pricing?
Is there frequent shopper program?
Additional Notes:
Communication Mix
What type of paid advertisements does this business use?
What type of unpaid communication does this business use? (Publicity)
Does this retailer use cooperative advertising? With whom?
What type of sales promotions does this retailer use? (Sales, Sampling, Demos, Contests etc.)
Additional Notes:
Store Layout
What type of design layout des this store use? (Grid, Racetrack, Free Form etc.)
Provide graphics and photos for this one.
Is it effective for customer flow?
What type of fixtures do they use?
What type of lighting are they using?
In music constantly playing? What type?
What type of scent is in the store? Does it detract or attract?
Additional Notes:
Customer Service
What type of services does this store offer? (Alterations, gift wrapping etc.)
Talk to 3 customers – What is their perception of this store’s customer service?
How does this store handle customer complaints?
Does this store have – mystery shoppers to check level of service?
Is the salesperson – empowered to make decisions or is it up to management?
Additional Notes:

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Macy’s Store
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Note: please don’t writing paragraph. I want you to answer under to all questions. Also, Short answer as you can.


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