Maasranga Communication Limited

The report at your hand is on “Maasranga Communication limited”. You assign us to prepare this report as a part of the Management (MGT 201) course requirement. While preparing this report, we have tried to follow your instructions given in the class. We believe our report contains information that helps us to make a clear recognition of “Maasranga Communication limited”. We really enjoyed doing such a challenging report. If you have further queries regarding this paper, we gladly remain stand by whenever you ask for it. Finally, we are grateful to you for giving us a nice opportunity to work on this report, which we have considered as a great chance for us to develop our analytical skills. Maasranga Communications Limited Introductory Part Cause behind named “Maasranga” It is a sister concern of Square Group. Before that, Square had a production House that is renowned as Maasranga Production. For that, the Name of that our channel is Maasranga communication limited. It starts its operation from 30 July 2011officially. Introduction: Maasranga Television, part of the SQUARE Group, has turned to Grass Valley for a complete newsroom system, production and master control switchers, and infrastructure equipment as part of the rollout of an HDTV station in Bangladesh.
It is the first High Definition (HD) TV channel in Bangladesh. At the heart of the channel is a completely digital news production system based on the Aurora production suite, with Grass Valley K2 media servers for content storage and exchange, and EDIUS editing workstations. Each of the two studios is equipped with a Grass Valley Kayak video production switcher. The central infrastructure of the new channel also relies upon Grass Valley technologies, including Maestro master control switching. Maasranga Television began test transmissions from its new center in Dhaka on Oct. 10. Maasranga TV started broadcasting on July 30, 2011, through an hour inaugural show. Maasranga TV will be the first television state that will broadcast in High Definition television, 3G format. #Achievement in these two years Maasranga TV became champions in the Pepsi-DRU Media Cup cricket tournament beating. Minister for Information and Cultural Affairs Abul Kalam Azad witnessed the final and distributed prizes among the teams. Objective or purpose of the study: Firstly, we like to mention that, we are preparing this report as our Teacher influenced us to do this. There are others purposes to do the report those are given below. To find out the problem they are facing as a new TV channel. To find out who are the competitors of the channel & who are the customers. In this report, we are trying to focus on the whole position & Activity of the channel.
Methodology: We used both primary and secondary data to prepare this report. We visit the Maasranga TV channel office and thereby the marketing executive provides some information. As they are new in the market and they cannot provide much information on the web site, so we cannot find huge information on the web site about them. Based on this little information we are trying to complete the report.

Limitation or barriers to complete this report: We were face any problem completing the report those are highlighting below – When we visit Maasranga TV we meet there marketing manager he gives us some information but some of the information he wants to provide through e-mail. We told him that it would be ok. We contract with him several times and every time he tries to convince us, that he will send the e-mail. However, he sends the e-mail six days before of submission date of the report. As the channel is new and they are very busy in maintenances (As they inform us through the e-mail) they cannot upload much information about their channel, so we faced trouble in finding information on the web site.
Body of the Report Overview of the company (Product or Service): As the marketing executive said that, they sell duration, which they called “Time Product. Especially they receive money to telecast an advertisement. They charged money based on how long the advertisement will telecast. Did they charge at least 25000? -30000? for an advertisement that will telecast for thirty seconds. At the very beginning, some advertisement agencies strongly disagreed, they suggest to them as they are new they need to decrease the price. However, when they hear that “Maasranga” is the first HD channel in Bangladesh they were ready to pay money as the channel demand for an advertisement.
External Environment (General): Economics: When we try to know about their economic dimensions, they informed us that it is highly confidential or top secret. They were not ready to share anything about daily expenditure, profit, etc. related to the economy. Technological: They are using the latest HD technology to telecast the program. They use digital video cameras and many other latest and high technology.
Political: The ministry of information and technology has emphasized developing the principles of telecasting our cultural values, history, and the significant measures of our nation that are helpful to enlighten our image to the world itself.
External Environment (Task): Competitors: As they are new in the market, so they have to compete with many channels like ATN Bangla, Channel I, Bangla Vision, Baisakhi, and many other channels of Bangladesh. Customers: All aged group. “Maasranga” telecast different types of programs at different times for example they telecast cartoons every Sunday and Monday for children.
Major competitors of the firm: There are many satellite channels in Bangladesh; “Maasranga” is not the first one so they have many competitors, their major competitors are Bijoy TV, G TV, My TV, Mohona TV- as they are also newly launched TV channels in Bangladesh. There are many other giant competitors of “Maasranga” like ATN Bangla, Channel I, Bangla vision, Diganta TV, and many more – as they are very famous TV channels in Bangladesh.
Conclusion: By analyzing the whole report we can say that the firm or channel is facings many problems as they are new. In addition, their main strength is that they are using high technology. To peak up the channel they must be choosy in selecting employees, program,s etc.
Findings: From the overall report we can find that the main problem is awareness. Awareness among people is very important for them. To compete with the competitors they must create awareness among people.

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They must select quality full programs.
They must select hard-working employees.
They must telecast those programs, which will acceptable for all aged people. Take part in some social work to get emotional benefits.
Choose good presenter and try to telecast true news.


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