Posted: June 14th, 2021

M6D2 330 Please Follow Instructions

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Analyze the impact of the World War II era on various groups of immigrants and ethnic groups in the US (CO#1, CO#2, CO#5) 
Examine the ethics of Japanese internment during World War II (CO#2) 
World War II was a time of upheaval and change for many Americans. While it was an era of very low new immigration, there was considerable internal migration as Americans moved to cities where wartime industries provided job opportunities to those who had previously been excluded. As you read this week, it was also an era of intense patriotism, as Americans rallied around a common sense of purpose, and of discrimination and xenophobia.
In addition to completing the reading in Takaki, make sure to view the following video clips about Japanese internment: Japanese Internment, One Japanese-American’s Experience of Internment, Japanese Internment Camps, and Japanese-American Response to Internment.

In a post of at least 250 words consider the following:
Discuss the impact of internment on the Japanese-American community during WWII. Was mass internment justifiable during a time of war? 
How did the Japanese and Japanese-Americans experience during World War II compare with other ethnic minority groups in the US? 

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