Your client has approached you to write a hiring philosophy for their business. Think about the following things when creating this philosophy. 

Your client’s mission and vision statements?
What kind of personality or culture do you think your client’s company should have?
Are there attributes or traits that you think should be shared among all employees?
What kinds of qualifications (not position-specific) should be set for potential employees?
What else have you learned in this course thus far that can apply to this topic?

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This is an example of a hiring philosophy (Links to an external site.), and this is a great article about Zappos’ hiring process.
Finally, this is a video from the president of a small company on their hiring philosophy. Yours will need to include a bit more detail. One paragraph should suffice. 
2. After posting your hiring philosophy, take a look at what others have posted. Find something in another student’s post that you had not have considered for your philosophy and leave a comment.
3. Finally, post a revised philosophy that incorporates at least one idea you were able to glean from the other posted philosophies. Be sure to start your revisions with the word “REVISED.” 
4. To summarize: You need an initial post that includes the philosophy you recommend to your client. A reply to a fellow student’s post regarding something you like about their philosophy that you will incorporate into your philosophy. And a final post with your revised philosophy.


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