Posted: June 25th, 2021

lo misson statemet

reply to students response in a minimum of 150 words and provide 1 reference minimum
Please review one or two of your favorite companies and find out what their vision and mission statements are and discuss how they are related to what you learned this week, and what you would change, if any, to improve them.

I researched a Company called Matrix Consulting Group because the Corporation provides consulting services for Government and Safety Services, and this is an area I would like to know more about.  Although I could not find specifically articulated Mission and Vision Statements, the company Website visually illustrates very clear goals and services.  I have not reached out to them to ascertain if they have internal business plans not articulated on the website. However, just from what I have learned this week from the readings, their company may benefit by developing long term goals through Strategic Planning.   
If anyone else in the group knows of another company or organization that provides consulting services for Government Safety Services, I would like to hear from you.
Matrix Consulting Group, LLC.  201 San Antonio Circle, Suite 148, Mountain View, CA 94040

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lo misson statemet
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