literature Review Outline

Literature Review Outline Instructions: 
For this literature review, your research will be guided by the following three Research Questions: 
1. How do individual and group decision processes aid or impede business decision making? 
2. What are the newest directions in the process of strategy development and execution? 
3. How can my academic discipline, as a function within the organization, impact the process of business strategy development and execution? 
The first two questions are explored from a broad business perspective, while the third question gives you the opportunity to change your frame of reference to your specific business specialization. The purpose of this research project is for you to create a scholarly piece of doctoral level research and writing which conforms to current APA format. Competency in the current APA format is required of all Business graduates. 
Your outline will include a minimum of 2 levels of indentation below each Research Question. 
Introduction Level 1 – RQ1 Level 2 – Sub heading 1 Level 2 – Sub heading 2 Etc. Level 1 – RQ2 Level 2 – Sub heading 1 Level 2 – Sub heading 2 Etc. Level 1 – RQ3 Level 2 – Sub heading 1 Level 2 – Sub heading 2 Etc. Conclusion 
This is a scholarly document and must be submitted in APA format with active voice

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literature Review Outline
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