Literary review | Biology homework help

2-3 page literary review on a narrow topic “Adaptation (natural selection)”

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Literary review | Biology homework help
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References: use APA formatting for citing the references;5-10 current sources. One or two may come from books, the rest, must be primary research articles; Plagiarism free paper.  I will require a revision to paper because we are required to turn it in for a grade and need a final revision after Professor gives us back work. 



▪ indicates clearly what the literary review is about and avoids unnecessary words or phrasing

▪ has to be an original title, different from any the sources you will use to write this paper

▪ cite the author (your name)


Body of the paper

▪ must be written using 1.5 line spacing and 12-point serif font (i.e., Cambria, Times New Roman)

▪ initial paragraph/statement refers to the purpose of this review

▪ here, summarize observations, results, conclusions or data of others that are related to the scope of your review o the information must flow coherently

▪ conclusion paragraph/statement should “tie the story” together – you may conclude with your own opinion on the topic or raise questions as if someone else will pick up this work and continue with it

▪ include no less than 5 sources to write your paper

▪ cite your references appropriately


 Writing Proficiency and Format

▪ uses appropriate nomenclature throughout the paper

▪ uses correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation

▪ presents ideas clearly, concisely, and logically 


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