Literary Analysis- All Summer in a Day

Jeremy Olsen Mrs. Harvan Art of Writing 12 April 2010 All Summer in a Day Most children grow up not knowing how the world works around them. They don’t understand why people are different from one other and they react differently to with jealousy or cruelty when someone is not like they are. In All Summer in a Day, by Ray Bradbury, the children are jealous and angry with Margot because she has experienced things in life they have not, so the kids treat her unfairly because of it. From the beginning of the story the kids never liked Margot and treated her cruelly.
When she starts to tell the kids in her class how the sun is “like a fire in a stove” (Bradbury 1) she is cut off by a boy and told “you’re lying you don’t remember” (2). Another instance when she is treated horribly by the kids is when she is told to “speak when spoken to…” (3) by one of the boys in the class. When the time comes close to when the sun was going to come out the kids in the class say “Hey let’s put her in the closet before teacher comes back” (4) and all Margot could say was no.
After they put her in the closet the sun came out and they all ran outside and forgot her until one of the kids says “she’s still in the closet where we locked her. ”(5) this shows how unimportant she is to the kids and also how the kids can just go on after possibly ruining the girls life. At the end of the story when the kids realize they left Margot in the closet one of the girls says “well? ” to the boy who put her in there and he didn’t even have a response because he felt horrible about what he did.

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Literary Analysis- All Summer in a Day
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