Melange was a brave young girl who developed Into a kind, respected young woman. Elise will always be remembered as a determined woman. Lease’s life was t cough, but during those times, she discovered herself. Less lost her family at a young age. Her mother was unable to care for her, as a result Else was sent to foster parents, Hans and Ross a Hibernate, to care for her.
Else grew up In a difficult time period, World War II, her foster parents aided her as much as they could and tried their best to raise her as their own. She grew up on Hi Mel Street in Mulching, Germany. She often played with the neighborhood children and they all enjoyed the game of soccer. The neighborhood games was where Elise met her best friend, Rudy Steiner. Rudy Steiner and Lies Engineer created a very special bond. Rudy deseed irately loved Lies, but Lies only cared for him as a friend.
Lies and Rudy not only played Soc ere, but they also stole. The two were known to steal apples from farmers. Elise was a smart and talented girl. She was determined and if she set her mind on something, she would get it done. Lies was given no educational attention till she w as nearly ten years old, but she made a mission to learn to read and write. It took time but she soon was one of the best readers in her class. Less Melange faced many difficult times In her life.

She lost many people In her life ND Less was once faced with bearing the secret that a Jew was living In her basemen NT(he later had to leave do to safety Issues). When Less was a young girl Germany was beginning Eng to be bombed by the Allies, during the bombings, Helmet Street was hit, all of Leases neigh hobos, friends. And even her foster parents were killed in the bombing, but Lies survived d u to the fact that she was in her basement sleeping after a long night of writing. After the bombing Lies lived with the mayor and his wife. Lies lived a long happy

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