Posted: April 25th, 2021


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This week you will have the opportunity to write a letter to the editor as a way to explore your research topic. If you have never read any letters to the editor, you might find reading a few as a way to see what it is you will be writing. The source you choose to read them from will not matter since the content and guidelines for letters to the editor are quite similar. As I wrote in the syllabus, the letters are short (usually about 200 words so one typed page double spaced) and are to the point with a specific focus. This means you will want to write about an aspect of your research topic. 

To make the assignment more authentic and to give you the opportunity to interact with one other classmate, I am asking you to share your letter with someone else in the class. This person will write a rebuttal to your letter and you will do the same for that person. I realize you do not know each other but we will also be sharing our rough drafts of our final research project so this will be prepared for this latter work. The response will also help the other person see the topic from another viewpoint.

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