Posted: June 22nd, 2021

Leonard Bernstein Impact

Michelle Walk Music 174 Impact presentation “Music can name the unnamable and communicate the unknowable. ” Leonard Bernstein Leonard Bernstein was born August 25, 1918. Now usually, one would not look for a birth date, rather death. This is treasured because, what is truly important is not only ones life; but also and especially, our founders of music and arts. His death date was October 14, 1990. This presents us with the ideal window of what he achieved during his life p. But, for all the years that Bernstein was in profession, no p of time could successfully capture just how much he has contributed to music as a society and art.
Bernstein was a proud graduate of Harvard in 1939 (with prior knowledge in two other institutes of learning), landing him a job just a short year later. Coincidentally, his first career landed him as assistant conductor in the New York Philharmonic in 1940. He had the opportunity to substitute an ill Bruno Walter at Carnegie Hall; which he vicariously accepted, producing instant critical praises. Soon after, various musicians worldwide were pleading him to be a guest conductor at their performances. One in his era may also recognize (following his jumpstarted career) his first successful large scale piece as: Symphony No. Jeremiah (in just 1943). Being the New York Philharmonic conductor remains one of his most important contributions to music. One of the most vital periods in his career was 1958-1969 where he produced over 300 out of 400 or more lifetime pieces, in just 11 years. Specifically, the young people’s concerts with the New York philharmonic was a televised show that ran for 11 seasons. He inspired the fledgling generations to procure music in their everyday lives with a passion, and also presented audiences to live music programs.
He led this into the Philharmonic’s center stage for works, and focused on a strong educational mission to blend with the music. In addition, he produced and performed more concerts with the NY Philharmonic than any conductor before himself. Bernstein also had the great opportunity to direct at the premiere of the Philharmonic Hall, which is now Avery Fisher hall in the Lincoln Center in NY! Two very large musical compositions of Bernstein’s were: he directed all the music for the original play “west side story” and “Candide”. These 1900-American-Opera creations introduced a new idea to scriptwriters.

It combined (what is referred to as) opera and jazz swings to create this new notion. Through the music and its sole style, it revealed character and social consciousness. Both received critical acclaim and many other plays of his were turned to famous films. Many of his concepts were rooted in his (returnings) to his previous places of study. This includes but is not limited to returning to teach classes and lectures. He did this a lot at Tanglewood, MA. Even throughout all his praise and review, he remained a virtuous man through his travels.
Bernstein was the first American in Milan to conduct an opera. Not only was he appraised by his co-workers, yet he was friends with many of his musical rivals, and best friends with Aaron Copland. Also, he was one of the leading advocates of American composers, such as lifelong friend Copland. Various opportunities such as these helped him to receive his life title of Laureate Conductor. He also received an international prize in 1990 which he used all the money to fund Bernstein Education through Arts, a school for the passionate young student.
Several Philharmonics in the world still hold a Beethoven/Bernstein festival in such conductor’s honors. In 1985, the National Academy of Recreational Arts and Sciences rewarded him for lifetime achievement. Many viewers absolutely adored Bernstein through this aspect, as well the fact that he engaged almost all of his audiences in his performances. Daughter of Bernstein, Jamie Bernstein always had a positive comment about her “Ambitious? ”[Yes, she did use the question mark] father. “In the 1970’s, Bernstein […] back into a student again [to prepare Charles Eliot Norton lectures] at Harvard.
He immersed himself in Chomskyan linguistics, absorbing an entire new field of knowledge, […] apply the principles of linguistics to music — thereby creating a brand new field of study, and turning himself back into a teacher again in the process. Ambitious? Oh, yes! Was he in over his head? Completely! He was never happier than he was in those 18 months on the Harvard campus, reveling in his dual roles as student and teacher. ” What does this mean explicitly? That Bernstein was not only a successful composer and avid musician, but a powerful teacher and enthusiast of the music of his time, and past times as well.
In his memory, he can be enthused with 20 Grammy awards on top of his numerous achievements including writing two books, three plays, even appearing on a postage stamp. But of course what remains important are his 400 or more composed pieces in his days. Sources WORKS CITED: (direct quotation within text and consulted) Bernstein, Jamie. “Leonard Bernstein: a Born Teacher. ” Educator. (2008): n. page. Web. 24 Sep. 2012. ;lt;http://www. leonardbernstein. com/educator. htm;gt;. “Leonard Bernstein. ” BrainyQuote. com. Xplore Inc, 2012. 24 September 2012. http://www. brainyquote. om/quotes/authors/l/leonard_bernstein. html (within title of document) WORKS CONSULTED: Schiff, David. “Bernstein, Leonard in Oxford Music Online. ” Bernstein, Leonard. (2008): n. page. Web. 24 Sep. 2012. ;lt;http://www. oxfordmusiconline. com. ezproxy. uwc. edu/subscriber/article/grove/music/02883? q=leonard bernstein;amp;search=quick;amp;pos=1;amp;_start=1;gt;. Sputnik, Dr. “Leonard Bernstein. ” (2012): n. page. Web. 24 Sep. 2012. ;lt;http://www. nndb. com/people/532/000031439/;gt;. ” Leonard Bernstein. ” 2012. Biography. com 24 Sep 2012, 10:33 http://www. biography. com/people/leonard-bernstein-9210269

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