Posted: May 28th, 2021

Leadership Observation Paper

What does leadership really look like?  For this assignment, you are asked to observe a leader in action. While observing the leader, make note of leadership traits that are evident.  This form may be helpful to organize your paper, DO NOT TURN IN THIS FORM FOR A GRADE. Use the notes to write a 1-3 page paper describing your leader.
Possible leadership traits to observe:

Articulate: communicates effectively with others -Outgoing: Talks freely, gets along well with others
Perceptive: Is discerning and insightful -Conscientious: Is thorough, organized and careful
Self-confident: Believes in oneself and one’s ability -Diligent: Is industrious, hardworking
Self-assured: Is secure with self, free of doubts -Sensitive: Shows tolerance, is tactful and sympathetic
Persistent: Stays fixed on the goals, despite interference -Empathic: Understands others, identifies with others
Determined: Takes a firm stand, acts with certainty – Friendly: Shows kindness and warmth
Trustworthy: Is authentic, inspires confidence -Dependable: Is consistent and reliable

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Leadership Observation Paper
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Leader Observed:
Title of Leader
When and Where Observed
Leadership Traits Observed
What was the strongest leadership trait observed? Provide examples.
Describe any strengths the leader exhibited. (See Table 3.3 in Chp 3 – Engaging Strengths)  for examples.
Connect your observation to concepts discussed in the text.

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