Posted: June 14th, 2021

Leadership Biography

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You are expected to complete a leadership biography of an individual of your choice. This will account for 20 percent of the total grade.
You will select a biography of a contemporary or past leader and report on the significant contributions the individual has made. The leader can be from any field – political, business, religious, science, public or emergency administration, etc. – with the caveat that you must be able to answer specific questions about their leadership or management style.
You need to pick a leader from public, nonprofit or private practice. Find one that is relevant and useful to you and what you envision doing with your life or find one whose ideas are very thought provoking and that you have a deep intellectual curiosity for. The expectation is that you provide a thorough and concise analysis of a leadership philosophy and not simply a book report about the events in a leader’s life.
These questions are provided to help guide and organize your thoughts. 
2. Where is the individual coming from – the world of politics, business, military, etc? 
3. What are his/her motivation strategies?
4. What are his/her leadership style? 
5. What are his/her communication strategies?
6. How does he/her manage conflicts? 
7. How is his/her relationship with the outside world?
8. What is your personal evaluation of these styles?
9. Why do you consider him/her as successful?
The biography should be between 7-10 pages in length (Time New Roman single spacing with regular margins). Write in paragraphs. The common guide is that a page should have 3-4 paragraphs. This should be submitted by April. 12, 2018  

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