Posted: June 4th, 2021


  Situation: you are a division leader who needs a new position in your division to expand a growing and promising new line of sports equipment. You have already demonstrated that the new line will produce a profit, but there is still hesitancy by the CEO to commit to the new position. Your boss, the operations officer, has directed you to write a one-page memo to the CEO requesting the new position. In your memo, your boss has suggested you focus on the profitability of the new sports equipment line, how the position could further expand the new line and further increase profit, how you would utilize this person (you can get creative with this aspect) and the risk to the corporation is minimal as evident of the projected profitability. Ensure you follow the suggestions for writing an effective memo found in the Effective Writing for Business readings (found on Blackboard). Submit your decision memo using the link provided in the Lesson Folder. APA format is not used for this assignment. Please post your decision memo to this link.  

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