[Last minute essay!]Essay about a process you find interesting.

Teach the instructor about a process you find interesting.  This process can be something from your major or from outside school, but it should be a process that you think might interest the instructor.  The process can be one with human actors (as in a process people complete, for instance, “sequencing DNA” or building an Individualized Education Plan) or it can be a natural process (one that occurs without human involvement, for instance “photosynthesis”).  
Most students’ procedural descriptions will be between 900-1000 words, but there are no requirements about length.  
Audience: The Instructor
Goals: 1) To teach the instructor, while holding his interest. 2) Produce a document that adheres to the grading rubric.
Content: You decide
Format/Layout/Length: You decide
Sources: None required.  If you use sources, cite them at the end using the format of your field (APA, MLA, etc)
Visuals: None required. If you use a visual, include a caption that helps your audience understand what it sees.   
*Please Note: You are not to teach the instructor to do this process; you are not to write using the second-person point of view (the “command voice”).  You are to teach the instructor about this process, using the third person point of view. 

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[Last minute essay!]Essay about a process you find interesting.
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