Laramie Project

The fact that they were decline on Action”. A case that literally the world was watching, I would only Imagine that they would not want to be a part of the process that could condemn or free the two who killed an Icon of the LIGHT community. Someone can only contain their guilt over doing something for so long. Henderson probably was at his Max. Taking the life of someone causes a lot of psychological and emotional stress to the one who does It, and Henderson probably finally met his wits end. He is excommunicated. Though his home teacher does not desert him entirely.
They aren’t affected, hey remain firm that homosexuality is a sin. But after his comment of them remaining uncaring as he played a murderer onstage, they see the difference. After the incident, however Debaser’s ideals change. Believing that no one in America should live in fear, as no one has the right to live in fear in America. Due to his standing as an officer of the law, seeing the terror of the people who he swore to protect made him see the horror of fear that they lived in on a daily basis. Personally I don’t think the death penalty would be the correct means to act.
An eye or an eye makes the world blind, and this would only cause what Sheppard martyred for to be destroyed. Kind of sort of. She seems very nonchalant even after the trial, so I don’t really know. And I don’t know, no one but himself, Sheppard, and Henderson knows what really happened that night so I can’t come up with a conclusive answer to that. Kind of. It seems more of a curse/burden then a gift In my opinion. Condemning him to suffer for the loss of his son seems kind of harsh but that’s not in my opinion to say so. So I don’t know whether or not to agree with this.

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Laramie Project
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