Posted: May 27th, 2021


Caroline was employed as a receptionist for ABC Corporation. Her desk was located at the entrance of the corporate office and her duties were to greet customers, answer telephone calls, sort mail, and respond to general requests for information about ABC. One day, while all of the managers of ABC were out of the office, a representative of XYZ Insurance Co. stopped by to solicit ABC as a new client. He told Caroline that he wanted to find out whether ABC might be interested in canceling its present employee health insurance plan and adopting a plan provided by XYZ. Although Caroline explained that none of the ABC managers were in the office, the XYZ representative nevertheless described his company’s health insurance plan in detail. When Caroline reacted by stating that XYZ’s plan sounded better than the current ABC plan, the XYZ representative immediately produced a contract for Caroline to sign. Reluctantly, Caroline signed the contract accepting the offer to adopt XYZ’s insurance plan. If XYZ seeks to enforce the contract against ABC, is ABC bound to the contract?
How much authority does an employee have to bind a business into certain contracts which may or may not benefit the business?  Find a case that you 
can utilize to answer this question. 250 words

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