Ksa Self Eval

I am definitely a quick learner which is very beneficial to on the spot coverage for a co-worker, was trained for basic process to handle JABBER for only half a day since my co-worker needs to go to an emergency leave for 3 weeks, midyear n 2013 and helped my peer with relaying referrals to JABBER when she had a foot surgery which leads me to be an alternate on handling JABBER. I was managing authorizations for all local primary care that goes to a native facility, SEC Orthopedic and .NET after ELL was passed on to one of my peers.
I was assigned to be a mentor to new employee to assist with all work related issues. On late December 201 3, was asked by my Supervisor to manage JABBER in place of my peer that volunteered for another task. I was handling all officer consults, authorizations and referral management along tit SF which is also considered a big task due to a number of patients that’s being sent to their facility and all other local primary care that are being sent to native facilities for almost 9 months. Created a spreadsheet via Microsoft Excel for all JABBER clinics for easy tracking.
I volunteer to work TOT every Saturday to take down Mammography consults and all other categories that needs to be worked on. I have been asked questions and advice by my peers (Nurses and Ma’s) on work related issues, especially new employees. Questions about work processes, most specially computer related, mostly bout trouble shooting and vendor information. I also helped on answering the phones (ACED Line) when needed. I was the first MASS in our department to have tried the process of the PC program. Wowed some of my peers the step by step process of submitting consult/ referrals/ authorization through scanning to the program. I practically started the process and showed/ trained some of my peers, even the leads. I created the letter for veterans (fixed it, since it was from a flyer in PDF format that needs to be converted to Microsoft Word document), I also created the main coversheet for PC we use whenever we amend, deny, re-route a secondary request/ authorization and put together a verbiage to be used whenever we create an authorization for Tries. Tot tied to work on JABBER, SF and other local primary (native facility) which leads me to just occasionally helping with PEG. However, the main person who has been processing PC authorizations still seek my advice most of the time, as far as trouble shooting PC processes. I also contributed a lot to our temporary MASS working with faxes even though was not assigned to be her mentor, she always seeks my advice most of the time. I am one of the Ma’s who were trained to close/ complete consults by scanning medical notes/ documents to CPRM.

Although am not the main person for PC anymore, I volunteered on updating and forwarding the PC Provider List every Monday. Currently, have been helping to close out consults (since almost the end of fiscal year) by scanning medical documentations/ notes to CPRM. Added the ASK submitted when I was promoted for GAS 6 just for a refresher. GAS-6 Medical Support Assistant (Advanced) Demonstrated Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 1 . Ability to collaborate, communicate, set priorities, and organize the work in order to meet deadlines, ensuring compliance with established processes, policies, and regulations.
In my current position as a Medical Support Assistant with the VASS Integrated Care Service, I am responsible with the review (after being approved by MR.), scheduling and authorization process of consults in collaboration with the CICS patient care team and communicating with non-VA medical facilities, this include determining urgency of care to ensure timely and best purchased care for our veterans. I’ve been constantly picked by my supervisor to process urgent or implicated consults on account of having an excellent attention to details and accuracy.
Due to my ability to learn new skills quickly, I became a part of the reconciliation team regardless of being new, working on a spreadsheet via Microsoft Excel consisting of over 2000 plus claims to determine, track down, adjust or cancel used or unused authorizations on a weekly task to recoup funds that had been obligated to vendors but never used, it was then used for processing backlogged pending authorizations for this FYI. In addition I was also assigned by the chief of our department to assist on identifying/ recessing denied and duplicate claims.
I efficiently identified hundreds of duplicate/denied claims from previous FYI. I’ve been a part of a group of Mass and nurses working to close out thousands of outdated consults. I assisted going through a spreadsheet determining which authorizations needs to be closed (nickered) out freeing up funds for use of unprocessed and pending authorizations. 2. Ability to communicate tactfully and effectively, both orally and in writing, in order to meet program objectives. This may include preparing reports in various formats and presenting data to various organizational levels.
I became the point of contact for all veterans from the Electronic Wait List (ELL) that are being seen in Providence Health & Wellness, Providence Senior Care Center, Mat-Us and Southeastern Foundation for their local primary care. Constantly communicating with the vendors and patients to coordinate appointments, consults, ERR visits and authorizations to ensure care for our veterans. Maintaining/ Updating a spreadsheet and writing appropriate notes/ comments to track down number of veterans being seen for local primary care outside VA.
As an alternate MASS for JABBER, assist in coordinating all veteran consults between the Joint Venture Hospital and Veteran’s Administration. I am one of the only two Mass with access to the computerized medical records system at Elmsford Air Force Base Hospital. I assist in entering consults and authorizations for all care received at the Joint Venture. Assists on directing veterans, their dependents, and beneficiaries via telephone communication when covering the ACED line. 3.
Advanced knowledge of the technical health care process as it relates to access to care. Proficient in CPRM, r-BCC Authorization, Vista, Microsoft Access (NBC Letters) which is utilized in consult management and referral process. Skilled in operating FIBS Distribution and Processing which utilize when working with the reconciliation and claims, SUCH which is utilized for entering BIER consults, scheduling and printing notes/ reports such as referrals, orders and reports for labs, CT, MR., Grays etc.
Equally competent in utilizing systems such as RPM which is comparable to Vista, Signature and LATA which is comparable to CPRM, AFC System for electronic receipt Of documents faxed available for review and processing of healthcare providers. 4. Advanced knowledge of managing a clinic. This includes independently utilizing reference sources, decision-making, and empowering the team to collaborate and resolve problems within a complex systems environment.
Worked as a Case Manager Assistant at the Alaska Native Medical Center, Internal Medicine Clinic managing one of the 7 sub-specialty clinics, General Medicine with two Case Managers (nurses) and 3 doctors responsible for having the doctors review the consults according to urgency, coordinating appointments or patients, scheduling surgeries/ procedures, taking care of patient’s travel and lodging. – Manages consults, authorizations, updating spreadsheet (monitoring and tracking) of the Electronic Waiting List (ELL) for four locally and out of town clinics.
Such clinics are as follows; Providence Health and Wellness, Providence Senior Care Center, Providence Mates-Regional and South Central Foundation. Am currently assigned to manage consults/ referrals, scheduling and authorization for Native Agreements, .NET, Orthopedic and an alternate for JABBER specialty clinics. 5. Advanced knowledge of policies and procedures associated with operational activities that affect the patient flow, patient care, and the revenue process.

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