Posted: June 20th, 2021


5 pages, not including introduction, conclusion, and references

This assignment is based on the Sof-A-Logue scenario linked above.
A Customer Focus
After you determine what you are  selling, the next critical part of the marketing plan is to understand  to whom you are selling. Knowing the customer is essential to ensure  that the company is delivering the right message to the right market.  Marketing success is about turning sales leads into profits. Not only  should a company focus on its current customers, but it must also be  constantly finding ways to recruit new customers.  
The Customer Profile
You have been asked by your  supervisor to present a customer profile brief to senior management  about the evolving customer for the product. The brief will focus on 3  sections, specifically related to defining your product’s customer  demographic and psychographic profile, customer relationship management  (CRM), and customer satisfaction metrics.  
Surf the following 2 Web sites to find out more about today’s  customer and using marketing research to develop customer profiles:

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Click “Browse Research – About Market Research” on the lower-left menu 

Customer relationship management is about managing current and  prospective customers for strong and long customer relationships.  
Using information from the 2 Web sites and articles from the library’s full-text databases, create a customer profile brief:

Develop a demographic profile of the potential customer segment.  
List at least two demographic tools you can use to help develop the demographic profile.  
Define the psychographic profile of your customer. 
Customer relationship management: Find two CRM tools that help companies identify pertinent information about their customer segments.  
How will you use these tools to manage the customer relationship?  
Why is CRM important in today’s competitive marketplace? 
Customer satisfaction: From your product  guarantee policy, detail how you will incorporate customer satisfaction  metrics into your plan. Explain why customer satisfaction metrics are  important.  

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