Julio Nieto

Cede knew the athletes were losing vital water and minerals, so he mixed salt and potassium into a balancing drink. ) After players spit out the first, foul-tasting samples, Cadet’s wife suggested adding lemon juice and sweetener. (5) The rest Florida Gators stopped wilting and roared Into a winning streak. (7) The new drink was named in is history. (6) Sipping the new beverage, the their honor. (8) Other Florida teams are the Hurricanes and the Seminole. (9) Today 8 million bottles of Storage are consumed dally. Paragraph 2 ) Technology enables people like the famous physicist Dry. Stephen Hawking to continue working despite serious physical disabilities. (2) For more than 45 years, Dry.
Hawking has lived with Lou Gearing’s disease, which attacks the muscles, but his brilliant mind works perfectly. (3) He can no longer walk, speak, or feed himself. (4) Nevertheless, a high-tech wheelchair with computer attachments allows him to continue his research and stay in touch with friends and colleagues around the world. (5) His computer is hooked up full-time to the Internet. (6) To speak, he chooses words displayed on the computer screen. And then an electronic voice machine pronounces each word. (7) A pressure-sensitive Joystick even lets Dry.
Hawking make his way through traffic. 8) In his home, Infrared remote controls operate doors, lights, and his personal entertainment center. (9) He has three children with his first wife, Jane, and one grandchild. (10) Dry. Hawking continues to search for new ways to overcome his problems through technology. And connect with a community of people who “speak from the heart. (7) Poetry slams are gaining popularity as schools, arts organizations, and groups of young writers start poetry clubs or sponsor contests. 8) Now, as online videos of the winning performances reveal the power of poetry slams, the excitement has spread worldwide. Chapter 2 Cross out any prepositional phrases in each of the sentences below. Then either circle each subject and underline each verb or highlight the subject and verb in different colors. * 1. Do you watch videos on Youth? * 2.

This hugely popular website grew quickly out of an invention by three friends. * 3. One night, Steve Chem. shot a video of his pals Chad Hurley and Jawed Karri. * 5. Surprisingly, the three buddies could find no easy way of sharing this video online. * 6. Their solution was a video-sharing website. * 7. Their friends loved it and inspired the young men to launch Youth in 2005. * 8. Within two years, Youth had attracted millions of visitors and millions of dollars from investors. * 9. Very easily, users can view or post videos on the site. * 10.
Today, Youth’s millions of videos inspire creativity, news reporting by everyday people, and some engaging craziness. Chapter 31 practice 2, 3, and 4 The first sentence of each pair that follows contains an irregular verb in the past tense. Fill in have or has plus the past participle of the same verb to complete the second sentence. * 1. Sean took plenty of time buying the groceries.

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Julio Nieto
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