Issues and Trends in HealthCare

The Podcast Assignment 
For this assignment, you are required to create a 5 to 7 minute produce a podcast that will be submitted via the Voice Thread Tool in Blackboard. Please do not use other recording tools, as they may not work well in Blackboard. Your podcast topic should be related to one of our discussion board topics and will be specifically approved by your Instructor. The only limitation on the topic is that it should focus on a current health care issue. This issue can be a policy problem, business problem, or some other issue that interests you. 
Your podcast should be of high quality, creative and well thought-out. While these tips are instructive, a key aspect of this assignment is choosing a current health and health care problem that you’re curious about, passionate about, or have some idea for solving and putting your thoughts on audio. It should provide information that is useful and novel (or at least different from what others have already done.) This assignment is meant to demonstrate to you how you can easily add your voice to the discussion of how to address some healthcare problem.
Write the story before recording the podcast. This will limit the amount of editing that has to happen during or post production and save quite a bit of time for you. Be clear on your story and intent, do your research before you start the story, ask well thought-out questions (research, research, research!), and outline each podcast “segment.” This also ensures the story falls within the time limits set for the podcast.
Please see PowerPoint presentation entitled Podcast Assignment Instructions. 

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Issues and Trends in HealthCare
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