Is Walking Better Than Traveling by Car?

carCars revolutionize transportation but walking is still the best. Automobiles use gas that emits carbon dioxide which causes the world to heat up. Big powers come with big responsibilities; there is no surprise that the car has many financial responsibilities. Cars require practically no work to make it move and it resulted in losing health related benefits. Walking is better than driving because it is environmentally friendly, it has financial benefits, and it has far more health advantages. First, driving ruins the environment.
For an automobile to function, it requires gas, and when the gas is used up, it becomes carbon dioxide that traps heat near the Earth’s surface. Greenhouses gases are necessary for influencing the amount of the sun’s energy being absorbed into earth and being radiated back into space. However, the overload of the greenhouse gases, which is caused by the increase in gas emissions, can cause the earth surface to heat up. This is called global warming which will raise the sea level by 18 to 59 centimeters if all the glaciers melt.
This change in ecosystems and destruction in habitats caused by the rising sea level will also result in the extinctions of many species. Since cars release greenhouse gases, walking is therefore a better choice because it won’t exacerbate the tragedy of global warming. Additionally, driving has financial disadvantages compare to walking. Walking requires only a person’s two legs, while driving requires a car. The cheapest car one can purchase at a car dealership is at least ten thousand dollars.

Adding to that expensive fee, there are other expenses like car insurance, gas expense, repair expenses, and maintenance expenses. Respectively, they are needed to be financially secured from accidents, to make the car function, to follow the law and to prolong the performance of the car. Hence, walking is better than driving due to its financial-freedom. Lastly, walking is better than driving because it is better for one’s health. Walking is a physical activity that trains the heart.
According to a recent Harvard study, walking can reduce heart risks, chances of cancer, type 2 diabetes, anxiety and depression. As a matter of fact, walking at least 30 minutes a day can increase the life expectancy of people suffering from obesity or high blood pressure. On the other hand, driving is dangerous which is proven by the following statistics. In 2005, United States of America had 6, 420, 000 car accidents with 2. 9 million people injured and 42, 636 people killed. Thus, walking is better than driving because it is a hysical activity that promotes living and doesn’t risk common, dangerous accidents. Walking is carbon free which does not contribute to global warming and therefore it is better than driving. Also walking doesn`t cost a single cent unlike driving. Furthermore, walking can prolong a person`s health while driving can shorten it. Clearly from, walking is better than driving because it doesn`t affect the heating environment, it requires practically no money, and it has health benefits.

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Is Walking Better Than Traveling by Car?
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