Is the Nfl Too Dangerous

IS THE NFL TOO DANGEROUS? BY ALEXANDER COLON Football is one of America’s most beloved sports and with the super bowl coming up; fans of the sport are getting ready for the big game. I am an avid football fan myself and love playing it as much I enjoy watching it. What I have come to notice recently, is how the lives of football players are drastically changed when they are off the field. Football is a full contact sport, if you’re not prepared or unprotected at any given time during a play, you could end up limping off the field nursing injuries or even leave the game on a stretcher.
Football players risk physical injuries every time they set foot on the field, and everyone is aware of that. What most people don’t know is that after players football careers are done and over, they face more problems than just a sore body every morning. Some players even play through these painful times in their career without even mentioning it, because they fear they will be dropped from the roster. In recent research it has been found that mental trauma is occurring in football players leaving them mentally unstable or damaged later in life.
This brings about the argument of football being too dangerous or a fair contact sport that all precautions for injuries are being tended to. When a fan watches a football game they don’t think about what the players go through off the field but only of the performance they are putting on the field. It is believed that every football player knows the risks of playing and has the knowledge that they might injure themselves physically. What a lot of the players don’t know is that they might damage their brains and develop things later in life like CTE.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) has common symptoms like sudden memory loss, paranoia, and depression during middle age. It is also known to cause dementia pugilistica, which was what a lot of boxers fell victim to but now more football players are being linked to it. NFL players get paid millions to do their job, something most people would kill for, and some people think that the reward is worth the risk. NFL players truly do put their lives on the line when they go out to play but the fame and money is compensation enough for the risks they take in some people’s opinions.
In my opinion if you’re playing in the NFL then you are getting paid more than enough for what you’re risking. Even if their brains are messed up they have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. What the NFL should do is make players sign a waiver informing them of the possibilities that they might contract a disease from getting hit to many times and hopefully this would make them more comfortable with the repercussions.

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Is the Nfl Too Dangerous
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