International Communication

Declaration l, the undersigned, hereby declare that this is my own and personal work, except where the work(s) or publications of others have been acknowledged by means of reference techniques. I have read and understood Tutorial Letter CANALLED/301 regarding technical and presentation requirements, reference techniques and plagiarism. Table Of Contents Page Introduction Essay: Globalization & South Africa Conclusion Sources 2 5 6 The term ‘globalization’ gives rise to a lot of different meanings and interpretations.
Globalization has its own negative and positive effects on the world today. It has opened the free markets which enables trades between countries, and therefore increases the living standards in these particular countries. However, there are still some developing countries that have fallen behind and have not kept up with the pace of change of development. It has had many impacts both negative and positive on South Africa and its people. Globalization & South Africa Page | 2 As an emerging democracy, in the past South Africa had to contend with the demands of both national and international issues.
This included rising unemployment, poverty and inequality. At the same time, South Africa had to become a contender in the globalizes world of capital, trade and changes in technology. The free market that has been created by globalization has allowed for less developed countries to learn from more developed countries, therefore allowing people to advance and succeed economically. Globalization affects South Africans lives in so many ways. Most times it seems we are a land that is stuck between our interesting yet difficult past while trying to move forward to embrace all that the future could old.

Often poorer countries that are not connected to people globally, are unskilled due to the lack of knowledge and equipment. They are also unable to trade with the other countries which are richer and larger as they are unable to meet the demand. Enabling people of one nation to communicate with those of other nations is the biggest achievement in terms of globalization. It has provided the production market with an improved access to a wide range of foreign products and as a result, globalization has increased and helped in the production of goods for import and export.
By increasing production and lowering costs, South Africa is able to take advantage of access to these free markets and allow for more trading with international consumers. This will help the country to not only increase export profits but also employment. An important factor of globalization is that it is able to remove barriers and promote mobility. By opening borders it exposes people to opportunities for example – as established company like Macdonald is able to expand their countries like South Africa. Thus creating employment and strengthening the economy.
This exposes young South African entrepreneurs to more advanced ways ND ‘know-how in running a business. The globalization of the economy and the demands on the workforce that goes with it, requires an education that allows learners to think independently, to exercise Judgment and teamwork to make sense of new situations. Education teaches how to learn, problem-solve and incorporate the old with the new in our ever changing society. Foreign interest and investment will be directly linked to education and training.
Due to increased competition from globalization, companies are more willing to aid their employees with courses or financially with studies. This enables them to be more efficient and effective within the organization. “Standard of living refers to the level of wealth, comfort, material goods and necessities available to a certain socioeconomic class in a certain geographic area. The standard of living includes factors such as income, quality and availability of employment. ” (www. Wisped. Org) According to this definition of standard of living, globalization has a positive influence on a developing country such as South Africa. It increases the availability of goods, opportunities and potential of income for South Africa. Poverty stricken countries are instantly playing ‘catch-up’ with the rest of the world in terms of technological advances. The standard of living is measured by the income per person which has increased in South Africa over time, thus proving that globalization has had a positive impact on the economy of South Africa.
Page | 4 Due to globalization, South Africa has had the opportunity to ‘rub shoulders’ with economic giants such as the United States, Japan, United Kingdom and China. This enables our country to learn from other countries and stabilize our economic infrastructure. South Africa has been able to learn better methods of communication, rainspout and distribution networks that make business activity possible. With globalization we can learn to constantly improve and develop our economic infrastructure from power house economies. Government regulation is when the legislative and executive branches set and enact laws that determine how a specific task, business, or industry is supposed to run. ” (wry. Answers. Ask. Com) For a developing country such as South Africa to gain knowledge on regulation regarding laws, ideas or patterns of behavior from across the globe, it is important to have good relations with first world leaders. The different levels and branches in government are there to help deal with issues the country faces, but sometimes this inequality in power has devastating effects.
State power and functions are sometimes abused and this has a direct impact on the citizens and development of the country. Information technology is a driving force of globalization and the advancement of video calling and teleconferencing making business that much more efficient, it increases the communication processes. Technology has something to do with change. Most of the innovations from the technological advances have very important effects on the lives of peoples of the world, which has witnessed radical changes.
The use and production of CIT plays an important role in the ability of nations to participate in global economic activities. Conclusion Page I All sectors including economic, political, technological, cultural and environmental are directly affected by, and fall under the ‘umbrella’ of globalization. The term and definition of globalization shows us how we are all interconnected and interdependent in some way and how our lives have taken shape around the rapid and ongoing changes in the world.

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