Posted: June 14th, 2021

Internal & External Organizational Forces

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As one of the nation’s leading wireless and technological service providers, Verizon Communications is one of the most successful examples of rapid expansion in the years since they first opened their doors in 1983. With 93. 2 million customers, Verizon has grown into a massive organization that continues to expand and change. These changes are a part of the organization’s plan, but are and will continue to be influenced by Internal and external factors along the way.
Organization Mission Verizon’s mission may appear simple yet to live up to this mission is no daunting ask in an industry that is rapidly changing with technology advances. They exist to provide customers with great service and communication possibilities while following their core values of integrity, respect, performance excellence, and accountability (Verizon, n. D. ). These values are expected to be followed for not only external customers but internal customers as well.
To be a leader in their industry Verizon listens to customers, embraces diversity, demonstrates honesty, takes responsibility for their actions, and pursues the highest standard in their services. Verizon’s session lays the foundation for the organizational behavior that must be accepted and demonstrated from all Verizon employees. Restructuring In early fall of 2009, Verizon announced that they were restructuring two of their business groups Into one known as Verizon Hireling.

This realigning was planned to capitalize new avenues for growth and to improve productivity according to Verizon which also moved marketing execution closer to the customer-facing operations (Verizon, 2009). The restructuring included a shift of seven executive positions. Although the announcement did not state how these shifts would affect other employees and reporting chains It is probably safe to say that the restructuring brought concern and questions to their minds.
Reporting chain of commands and Job duties would have been affected by Verizon’s restructuring. According to Shoehorning (2008), restructuring, while needed to remain competitive within an industry, creates emotional conflict. Role, interpersonal, and intercrop are other types of conflict that can occur with change. Verizon management had to plan out how to deal with the conflict that would have been a common result of their restructuring transition phase. Competition Verizon has always been a leader and an Innovator In the wireless communication industry.
But lately their sales have seen a decrease due to the popularity of Apple’s Phone and its exclusive contract with AT&T. Even though the Phone and AT&T aren’t the only competition they are the biggest for the top of the line smart phones. Other competitors in the cell phone market include T-mobile, Metro PC’S and Sprint. These companies compete by offering lower all inclusive plan rates and month to month contracts or pay as you go service. Even though these companies offer lower rates tenet coverage Is not as Drama as Verizon Ana Al& I cross the U.
S. And the world. AT&T has also been widely criticized about their coverage versus Verizon’s. When Apple released the ‘phone on June 29, 2007 it revolutionized the cell phone industry and raised the bar for all other manufacturers, but the biggest hit to the competition of carriers was that the only provider of the Phone would be AT&T. Research in Motion the maker of Blackberry and Verizon’s biggest seller launched their own version of the touch screen phone called the Storm which paled in comparison to the Phone.
Verizon started an all out aiming against AT;T and their lack of coverage for cellular use across the country which AT;T vigorously defended but seems to be true according to reports in the magazine Consumer Reports. Verizon could be on the verge of ruling the cellular industry with the impending negotiations with Apple and allowing Verizon to sell the Phone and it could be soon since Verizon is now selling the Pad. They have also seen sales rise with the ETC touch screen phone with the Android operating system that has gone toe to toe with the Phone and offers better g coverage with Verizon.
The economy has taken its Economy OLL on not only the housing market and employment but all the way down to how we live our lives on basic necessities. People have had to cut back on how they shop for groceries, cutting back or even canceling cable service and adjusting their cellular plans. This has affected Verizon by customers decreasing their plans minutes or going to a cheaper competitor that will offer the same package at a lower price.
Other carriers such as Metro PC’S and Sprint offer the same package of talk, text and data plans as Verizon for half the cost but the coverage is not as good so customers are willing to give up coverage for cost. The economy has also affected the products that Verizon sells as less people are upgrading their phones and holding on to the ones they have for longer periods of time and more people are opting for monthly contracts as opposed to lengthy 2 year contracts offered by the major carriers like Verizon and AT&T.
Every facet of our lives has been affected by the recent economy and how we communicate is one of them. Customer Demands In recent years, Verizon has become more than Just the nation’s leading wireless service provider by simply listening to customer demands and taking notice of customer’s needs. The have expanded to providing internet service, television, wireless service, and landlines service. Verizon has been the first to address our nation’s demand for bundling services to save money and to simplify lives. There are many factors that influence how Verizon handles the demands of customers.
Being that they are the nation’s leading wireless provider, the will also require a lot of support to keep customers happy. No matter what kind of service, Verizon offers customer support via phone, internet, and house calls. Customer support is available to all types of customers, residential, small business, medium genuineness, or even for enterprise & government sized accounts. The size of the organization indicates that there will always be unsatisfied customers, and in recent news many of these customers have banded together to file a lawsuit against Verizon for the monthly data plans being charged when services winner down. 0 take Acton Ana TIC ten customer service approver to Verizon customers, the organization has stated that they are in the process of De-automating their telephone systems so that customers can get to a live person more easily. As a highly publicized issue, this external factor has demanded that Verizon revamp the ay they handle customer service over the phone. Globalization Verizon’s name is not only a household name in the United States. The organization has over 300 offices in 75 countries across 6 continents of the world. There are many reasons that Verizon has chosen to take business across seas.
The most obvious influence would be an internal desire to expand and prosper as a business. The second factor that leads them to globalization is the external force of growth in need for international communication. As technology and trade evolves, the need for efficient international communication has and will continue to grow significantly. Technology influences the globalization need by the way it changes the kinds of services traded. No longer are we only exporting and importing goods from countries, with the aid of technology we are seeing an increase in service trading.
India has been the leading example of the need for organizations to communicate overseas. With the increase in out sourcing work to countries overseas, American countries need to communicate in order for the services to be unison. Although there has been a lot of debate over the quality of service provided by other countries, with the aid of Verizon this cultural hurdle can be nonexistent. Conclusion Although it is true that the organization’s mission, reconstruction, competition, the economy, fiscal policies, customers, and globalization will always influence how Verizon continues to develop, their original mission’s intentions.

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