instructional strategies

Based on the students in the “Class Profile” grade levels   and the informational text you chose, select two of the six main   instructional strategies to be utilized within the lesson plan that   you began in Topic 1. Utilize strategies that facilitate the   development of critical thinking and problem solving.
Provide opportunities for active inquiry, collaboration, and   supportive interaction among your students within each of your   lessons. Include a grouping strategy on the “Instruction” template.
With the instructional strategies included in the “I Do”   section, provide a bulleted script (100-250 words) for each   instructional strategy that explains what you will say and do during   the lesson. The script should include 4-5 DOK questions based on your   selected informational text. These questions should align with your   learning objective. You may use any of the DOK questions that you have   already created.
Each “I Do” entry should have corresponding   “Students Do” and “Differentiation” entries.   Use specific examples from the “Class Profile” to describe   how the activities in the lesson would be differentiated.
Submit this template to your instructor for feedback.
GCU format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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instructional strategies
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