Posted: May 28th, 2021

Informative Essay on Fast Food Industry

Sharp makes use of illustration in “Berger Queen” in several body paragraphs.  Her overall thesis is that McDonald’s really isn’t that bad of a job and she’s actually enjoyed it, so when she went from a pre-med major to an English major, her life did not get any worse.  In paragraph two, she again uses narration, as in paragraph three.  In paragraph four is where Sharp begins to utilize Illustration to back up her points.  The topic sentence, “…respect for the workers of the fast food industry is lost among most adults…” is supported by several examples, one being, “…grown men driving Lincoln Town cars have bickered with me for five minutes over a measly ten cent increase in the price of an egg mcmuffin.”
Paragraph five goes into further illustration of the point made in paragraph four.  Paragraph six also uses illustration.  The topic sentence, “A small portion of our patrons are so confused that there is really nothing to do but wait for them to leave” is supported by, “my most prominent example…is the infamous snack attack lady, who ordered hotcakes and sausage during our 90-second- guaranteed-service hour and then ate her breakfast right outside the drive-thru window.”  Paragraph seven also incorporates illustration.  The topic sentence, “there are some great customers out there” is supported by the explanation of those great customers and what they do, “If I missed a day of work, I would return to inquiries about my health and concern that all was well.”
 The first paragraph is a narrative and uses dialog to express her point and to draw the reader into the story

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Informative Essay on Fast Food Industry
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