Information Security

In this project a web application vulnerability scan will be performed against a test website. The VirtualBox server that was built in Week 1 isn’t required for this project. Please perform this from a workstation that has Internet access.
I. Web Application Vulnerability Scanning
Create an account at the following site in order to use the Online Scanner: Verify the account with the email that is sent to your address. After verification, logon to the Online Scanner at this url:
Create a “Target” by selecting Targets > Add Target. Enter the address After the Target is created, select “Scan”. 
More information regarding web application scanning can be found here:
II. Validation
· Part I: In a Microsoft Word document, paste a screenshot that shows the top 5 vulnerabilities discovered from your online scan of the Acunetix test website.
Attach the Microsoft Word document to the Blackboard Submission for this assignment.

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Information Security
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